Joakim Nordlund Web designer

  • Design, markup and style.

    I’m an artisan and a digital creative, in other words — I’m a web designer. I push pixels for a clear and beautiful web, making your screen look so delicious you may want to lick it. However, good web design is not just about the pretty things. Web sites have users that interacts with them — that’s why I like to realise my design solutions as well, making sure it works just the way it is meant to.

  • Handcrafted, by the book.

    The value of following web standards was the first thing I learned. I follow the rules and make sure my creations are valid, built on a solid ground and future proof — the same way a carpenter builds a house. I care a great deal about structure and semantics, and I strive to create clean and concise markup — code that’s loved by browsers, search engines and humans alike.

  • Neat design solutions.

    My solutions are focused and lightweight. I make good use of whitespace to group and organise the content. I believe that less is more. My goal is always to create web sites that are easy to use — sites that people enjoy, and that serve their goal as effectively as possible.

  • Progressive enhancement.

    I strive to follow the principles of progressive enhancement and I always work with accessibility in mind. Whether you see my markup without its style, you are unable to view images or use a screen reader you will be able to access the content. Thanks to a logical approach and, again, our standards. I also make sure my web pages works fine cross-browser.

  • Mobile friendly.

    I have a smart phone, I’m pretty sure you do as well. Heck, even my mom has a smart phone. So it goes without saying that responsive web design is an increasingly important part of developing for the web. I always strive to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, and I also make sure that my web pages and their content look crisp and sharp on today’s high resolution screens.

  • Tools of the trade.

    I love the tools I use in my workflow, clever and beautiful tools like Sketch, Coda, Rdio (yes, this one counts as a tool), Ember, Dribbble, Bourbon and the combination of Hammer, Forge & Anvil. Using the right tools is an important part in my craft, without them it wouldn't go as smooth as it does.

  • Never stop learning.

    I’ve just started this. After a year in the field I’ve learned a lot and I learn new things everyday. I will never stop learning. The web is continuously developing, faster than many other fields — so it’s important to keep up. That is one thing that makes this job so much fun. I also value my time away from the screen — it’s where my knowledge grows the best, just like your muscles after you hit the gym.

  • The designer.

    Besides sitting in front of my Mac I like to listen to music, play video games, cook food, snap photos, read good books and drink the occasional whisky. I mostly wear witty t-shirts. I’m not blond and my eyes aren’t blue, but I do make delicious meatballs.